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Lori Langer de Ramirez: Published Books


webtools book cover
Empower English Language Learners with Tools from the Web

Today's interactive Web tools offer teachers of English language learners a wealth of opportunities to inspire and motivate their students. This user-friendly, research-based guide shows how the "read/write" Web can enhance classroom learning and extend English language acquisition beyond school hours.This book offers strategies for both ESL and mainstream classroom environments. Aligned with national TESOL standards, this resource provides:
  • A step-by-step guide for a wide range of relevant Web tools/activities, from blogs and podcasts to social networking and more
  • Classroom-ready projects designed to benefit learners' social and academic language development
  • Guidance on how and when to use Web tools with elementary, middle, and high school students
  • Personal narratives from teachers who have successfully used Web tools to teach English language learners
  • Teacher-tested and parent-approved guidelines for safe and appropriate Internet use

Click here to order directly from: Corwin Press; ISBN #: 9781412972437 © 2010

601 Spanish Verbs book cover
601 Spanish Verbs

Berlitz 601 Spanish Verbs contains full conjugations of every verb in 16 tenses and moods. Finding the right ending and conquering irregular verbs has never been so easy! This full-color book features a free CD-ROM with words and phrases for your iPod. It also features:
  • Verb endings are bolded to help students remember the changing part of the verb 
  • Fun texting expressions like q tal? (what's up) and ymm (call me)
  • Lists of popular test verbs, technology-related verbs, and spelling shortcuts
  • Useful mnemonic devices to help memorize tricky verbs
  • "75 Must Know Spanish Verbs" - Those most frequently used in speech, writing, and on tests
Click here to order on Amazon; ISBN #: 978-9-81268-643-5 © 2009

Actividades Book 1 cover
Actividades en Español - Book 1 and Book 2

Actividades en español: Spanish Vocabulary Activities, Book 1 is designed to provide beginning-level (Book 1) and intermediate-level (Book 2) students with motivational and fun activities that can help them develop vocabulary and decoding skills. This book can be used as a supplement to Spanish is Fun, Book 1 or Book 2 or to other level 1/2 textbooks.
  • 24 thematic chapters present interesting, level-appropriate topics.
  • Enjoyable games and puzzles including acrostics, searchwords, crosswords, and logic puzzles.
  • Lively illustrations accompany many of the exercises, providing students with clues to solve the puzzles and word games.
Click here to order on Amazon; ISBN #: 978-1-56765-812-5 © 2009

Berlitz Spanish Grammar Cards

Berlitz Spanish Vocabulary Cards

Berlitz Spanish Grammar Study Cards
Berlitz Spanish Vocabulary Study Cards

These portable, interactive cards can be used for self-study, or with a friend or parent and are suitable for beginners and intermediate learners. The cards feature 1000 of the most useful words/grammar points and each card contains one question on the first side and a detailed explanation on the other side. Designed for absolute beginners to intermediate level - the difficulty of the content increases so users can build their knowledge as they work through the pack. The c
ards help students learn, review and build confidence for classroom and standardized testing. Each card measures 2" x 3-1/2".

Click here to order directly from: Berlitz Publishing; ISBN #: 978-9812680747 © 2008

Take Action book cover
Take Action! Lesson Plans for the Multicultural Classroom

Take Action! Lesson Plans for a Multicultural Classroom is for all teachers striving to meet the needs of students in today's diverse K-12 classrooms. Take Action! offers 27 practical step-by-step multicultural lesson plans organized around seven microcultures: culture and identity, race and ethnicity, abilities and disabilities, religion, socioeconomics and class, language, and gender and sexuality.
Each chapter includes three lesson plans at three different grade levels (elementary, middle, and secondary). Each lesson plan is presented with an accessible and predictable format, outlines the content areas addressed, provides a recipe-stype list of materials for all the activities in the lesson plan and action projects, and so much more. Connections to national professional standards and benchmarks for K-12 education as outlined by the Mid-continent Research for Education Learning are also included in every lesson plan. 

Click here to order directly from: Pearson Higher Learning; ISBN #: 9780131573505 © 2009

Voices of Diversity
Voices of Diversity: Stories, Activities and Resources for the Multicultural Classroom

Voices of Diversity: Stories, Activities, and Resoures for the Multicultural Classroom offers 20 engaging, first-person narratives about school experiences by students, teachers, and parents. The narratives focus on race and ethnicity, learning styles, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, linguistic diversity, gender and gender roles, learning abilities and special needs, and physical abilities. Questions, projects, and activities help teachers synthesize these issues in ways meaningful to their own classroom practice.

Click here to order directly from: Pearson Higher Learning; ISBN #: 9780131178861 © 2006

Mi Abuela Ya No Está
Mi Abuela Ya No Está: Un Cuento Méxicano del Día de los Muertos

In this full-color picturebook, Marita is sad after the loss of her grandmother. Through an exploration of customs, activities and beliefs involved in the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Mexico, she comes to realize that her abuela will always be with her. Illustrations and text help young people to understand the beauty and traditions associated with this celebration.

Winner of finalist honors, Concurso de Literatura Juvenil, Embajada de España.

Sorry! Currently out of print. Read and download the book for free by visiting our Issuu page!

Cuéntame: Folklore y fábulas

This collection of 12 stories represents the storytelling traditions of 7 Spanish-speaking countries. The stories come from rural and urban areas and from literature and oral traditions. Many of the stories are from indigenous sources and speak of concerns for the natural world, while others are fables with the intention of teaching a lesson. Despite the differences in language and geography, readers are likely to find similarities to well-loved fables from their own backgrounds.

El cuento del cuento begins each story with cultural and geographical information. The
Comencemos section sets the stage for the tale by preteaching vocabulary and structures. The Leemos section includes activities that focus on visual literacy tied to accompanying illustrations and the Discutimos section involves students in a review of the plot, expressing opinions and participating in a culminating activity or performance assessment.

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